The Portland Metro Area

The Portland Metro

The City of Roses -- The Heart of the Pacific Northwest

The Portland Metro Area of Oregon is a community of a very diverse background and origins. Portland began being settled in the 1830s and was interestingly enough named after Portland, Maine when founders, Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove, flipped a coin for the privilege of naming their city after their old home on the East Coast. Pettygrove won the toss and Portland had its name!

With the access to the Willamette River, there was convenient transportation for products and goods, creating the makings for the timber industry which was a huge force in the early economy of Portland. As a port city, Portland was a rough and hardened city but after WWII and by the 1960s, Portland started to soften and to become known for its progressive political values, as well as commission-based government.

Portland’s younger years may have been rough, but it’s pushed the community into who they are today! The community is very centered on being environmentally conscious and has high expectations for walkability, bicycling capabilities, public transportation options. The city’s government is supportive of the community and invests in the public transportation and is also noted for land-use planning which has helped to create great neighborhoods as well as many acres of public parks, which all gives the Portland Metro Area high quality of life rankings consistently.

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Living Together - Family, Fun,

Living to the Fullest

The Portland Metro Area is one of the coolest places to be a family in. Between the abundant activities and the beautiful places to explore there is always plenty to do together!
One great family activity is going to explore the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry or OMSI. Located on the banks of the Willamette River in Downtown Portland, this museum has exhibits for kids based in learning about science and industry, rotating show exhibits about anything and everything, Imax theaters for learning shows and documentaries, a submarine you can take a tour of and so much more.

Some other fun outings could be visiting some historic sites around the Portland Metro Area. The Pittock Mansion is a beautifully preserved, turn of the century, antique home, once belonging to Henry and Georgiana Pittock who were influential in the early development of Portland. Between the rich history told and displayed through the mansion and the gorgeous views of Portland, Pittock Mansion is something every family should visit at least once. For familes with younger children, there is the Portland’s Children’s Museum which is definitely one not to miss! The Oregon Zoo is also located not too far from downtown Portland and is always loads of fun for all ages!

Portland is also known for its eclectic restaurants, and delicious cuisine. You will not be disappointed as you enjoy a delicious meal along the banks of the Willamette River. Portland’s breweries and pubs are also on every other corner for plenty of exploration and fun times together with friends. Saturday Markets are always a good time to explore the culture and arts that surrounds the Portland Metro along with many other ways to spend your free time how ever you may choose!

The Normality

While there are many fantastic things to do throughout the Portland Metro Area, there’s always returning to normal life as well. The Portland Metro Area has great schools for children with passionate teachers which also continues into college education opportunities!  Portland State University is in the heart of Downtown Portland with Portland Community College not far from PSU’s campus. There are many Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout the Portland Metro Area supplying that critical education to Portland’s children and the next generation. Just like Portland Metro is environmentally conscious we also value good, strong educations for our children!

With a growing economy and the city itself, there are plenty of avenues for careers and jobs. Whether it be as our loved teachers in our schools, or our needed medical staff at the Oregon Health and Science University, there is a place for us all! Each one of us makes up this amazing community called the Portland Metro Area.

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